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Phone: 563-260-8707

Elite Hitters Program

The Elite Hitters Program is a 20 week intensive hitting program designed around a collegiate and professional style program.  Due to the regular attendance and progression of the program players are able to make sustainable changes and acquire skills to self correct with swing and approach adjustments in season.  All program Evaluations and sessions are designed and executed by coach Mike Kvasnicka. 

Complete Pitchers Program

The Complete Pitchers Program is a 16 week long intensive pitching program designed and implemented by Ty McDevitt and Alec Crawford.  Depending on program types, players will engage in 1-6 hours of instruction each week.  Each program is intended to progress pitchers from non-throwing dry mechanics work to live bullpen sessions preparing them for the spring season. THIS PROGRM SELLS OUT EVERY YEAR - SIGNUPS ARE A FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS.

Hitting/Fielding Classes

Hitting/Fielding Classes are perfect for players looking to enhance their game with top-quality instruction.  Classes are offered every day of the week from Nov - April.  NorthStar offers a wide verity of skill options including Hitting, Fielding, Pitching, and Catching.

Hitting Classes (4:1):  Our base hitting classes provide players with a variety of content determined by Hitting Director Mike Kvasnicka.  Players will engage in anything from technical skill development to in-game focus depending on the time of year and seasonal relevance. 

Fielding Classes (6:1):  Our fielding classes take advantage of The Cages massive field space allowing players to make full length throws and hone fielding skills.  Fielding classes will have an infield focus. 

Catching Classes (4:1):  Lead by Mike Kvasnicka these classes focus on the most difficult and skill specific position on the field.  Players will work on receiving, blocking, throwing, and much more.  

Pitching Classes (4:1):  Lead by Kyle Clark, these classes will focus on teaching proper pre throwing routines, mechanical adjustments, and post throwing protocols.  Players will work on movement patterns and pitch development during live throwing sessions.